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8 Benefits of Doorless Showers that Will Make Your Bathroom the Best You’ve Ever Had!

8 Benefits of Doorless Showers that Will Make Your Bathroom the Best You’ve Ever Had!

There’s no bathroom like the bathroom you have at home. No matter how better others might be, you surely agree that there’s nothing more familiar to you than that bathroom you have at home. It is where you exactly find the definition of ‘comfort’ in the term ‘comfort room’. It is complete with all you want and all you need from a bathroom because it’s in your house. But what if you find out right now that doorless showers exist? Yes, they do exist. Sounds incomplete? Do they sound uncomfortable? Well, let’s take a look. 

Real estates and home designs are innovating just like everything in the world today. Ask professional custom home builders, interior designers and real estate experts. They will tell you that the inventiveness is actually mind-blowing. Doorless showers are just one of them. Truth be told, hearing about them for the first time is a bit shocking, however, worry not because they are not really bathrooms that expose you and your shower styles to the world. 

Of course, this type of bathroom has a door that separates the room itself from the hallway and from other areas of the house, literally what a bathroom looks like. The difference is that the shower enclosure has no door at all. That means your sink, countertop, toilet bowl, tub, shower and everything else you have in the bathroom are visible wherever you stand inside it. No bold barriers and dividers. No doors. None.

Doorless showers are weird for some people and inefficient for others. Probably, it’s because they judged this type of shower too early. Before you give a thumbs down to doorless showers, see to it that you are aware of their awesomeness! Know more about them from this list. Here are 8 benefits of doorless showers that will make your bathroom the best you’ve ever had!

1: They are the friendliest showers for urgent needs.

The bathroom is where you often do your hygienic needs in a quick manner. When it’s just a normal day, and you’re not really leaving the house, you are just chilling around. However, if you have urgent appointments outside or trips to far destinations, the bathroom is where your “in a hurry” and “panic mode” moments take place. 

Whenever you are running late to your class or work, you have to move like nobody’s business. You cannot waste any second from your idle movements. Taking a bath is very important, so it’s not something you can eliminate from your daily duties, so even when you are in a hurry, you cannot skip it over.

Another scenario. Say you are just at home, and the call of nature is too strong for you to keep it in. You just walk down speedily from your bedroom to the comfort room, hoping nobody is using it. You really can’t wait to be in the bathroom already!

Doorless showers are the friendliest showers for those in a hurry, and in instances wherein you have to move fast. For urgent needs, they are the most demanded! You can just run in and out of the bathroom without hassle and obstacles. Accessibility is definitely one of a kind with these walk-in showers! 

2: Doorless showers are spacious – very spacious!

Photo credit: Designer Drains

This is one of the major features of doorless showers that truly impress homeowners. They are spacious – very spacious for that matter! 

Since there are no doors inside the room, the areas where they are supposed to be installed are left free and open. You can enjoy the wideness of the bathroom. Big movements are totally allowed. If you also need to temporarily put in some stuff, like additional pails, bins or seats, in doorless showers, why not? They have ample and even excess space for you and items!   

3: Highly accessible for elderly loved ones and people with mobility issues

Photo credit: Bob Vila

Bathrooms at home should not merely be beautiful. A top-tier essential is a safety it must provide to its users and owners. Doorless showers cannot be last on the list when you are talking about bathrooms that offer utmost safety and user-friendliness!

In particular, for senior citizens, they are the best. If you have elderly family members living with you at home, doorless showers will help you assist and keep them free from danger when using the bathroom. Moreover, doorless showers are highly accessible for people with mobility issues. If your bathroom is quite big, you can also bring in a wheelchair or walking stick or cane. 

4: It carries a luxurious vibe like that of five-star hotels.

Houzz ome bathroom

Undeniably, you want your own bathroom to make you feel most comfortable and blissful. At the same time, although it’s not a need, you would be glad to have yours make you feel like you’re a queen or a king. Everyone wishes that at some point in life, right? 

Doorless showers carry a luxurious vibe like that of five-star hotels and spas because those are the places where these types of bathrooms are often seen. They are so beautiful and stunning, making you feel like you don’t want to exit anymore. That’s how gorgeous they are! And like those in hotels, doorless showers for homes aim to create not only a sophisticated look and mood but also an accessible-for-all functionality.  

5: No door installed, no door paid for.

Don Pedro home bathroom doorless

Establishing a bathroom for your home is not cheap. You have to spend a lot of money to make sure that every part is nothing but the best! Doorless showers somehow lessen your financial spendings because no door installed means no door paid for. You have no doors for your custom home builders to create within the bathroom. That equates to saving a huge amount of money. This is cutting the costs of installation while maximizing the utility of the bathroom itself.  

6: No door installed, no door maintenance needed.

The Spruce home bathroom doorless

At the same time, no door installed means no door maintenance required. Although doors are “just doors” for most people, they also need taking care, so that they last long and work well for a long time. 

In the case of doorless showers, you don’t have to worry about that, simply because doors don’t exist there (excluding the main bathroom door). Through this, you are able to focus more on maintaining and preserving other more inevitably used bathroom areas. 

7: For lovers of custom home designs, it’s the perfect shower design!

Pinterest home bathroom doorless

If you are aiming for a personalized bathroom, doorless showers are the perfect shower design for you. Call expert custom home builders to execute the plan you have in mind or to let you know what’s best for your home bathroom if you have no initial idea. 

Have your doorless shower designed according to your need, preference and delight!   



Bathrooms have definitely come a long way! They make homeowners happy and proud. The amount of possibilities in terms of building and customizing them is almost impossible to count. Today, you can have yours as personalized and distinct as you please, and you will absolutely be pleased. 

Doorless showers are one of the proofs that smart home design ideas keep flowing and growing! From looks to functionality, they are definitely striking. “Less is more,” the famous proverb says. Worth having is what they are. Just read again those benefits written above, and you will have no more reason to doubt the excellence of doorless showers!



Nicole Ann Pore, a content writer from the Philippines, is the author of this article.

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