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Best B2B Websites: More Brands Who Put Their Audience First

Best B2B Websites: More Brands Who Put Their Audience First

Face-to-face meetings and business card exchanges were the very first contacts with an organization a year ago. Time passes, and a lot has changed! Websites took over as the primary way to make an introduction to business.

You may have spent time and resources on your B2B Websites with the expectation of seeing your phone ringing in no time at all. But then, you know that the way you plan your B2B website is not running. Why does it happen?

Can a stranger tell you within 5 seconds what your company does? If they are unable to do so, you have a problem with the B2B Websites!

And you're in the right spot when you are finding answers to your problem! This entry is going to inspire you a lot about the best B2B Websites India. After all, if you apply to your B2B Websites USA, you'll know something important.

Let's take a look at them!

  1. Drift

No cartoons or photos on display here. Drift dares to be something special. They show their staff and give viewers insight into the people behind the business. This is a spectacular pass. It helps the site to feel personal and to create confidence. There's a smiling face on each page. Individuals and group photos are seamlessly weaved into the design of a site. Drift succeeds in finding a balance between a clean look and a vibrant visual experience — at the same time, showing you can be minimal and intimate.

  1. Quid

We saw a move towards minimalism in 2015––in other words, using only the essential elements on the website. Minimalist design is particularly helpful to reduce load time and boost readability – for Quid; it also lets you search the site and still get to know your product. A minimalist style not only improves UX but also brings depth to it. Quid does not clutter their websites and makes use of increased size and asymmetry to captivate small bits of content.

  1. Pulse 220

Card layouts, popularized by the mobile revolution, are a fantastic way to view content concisely in a structured and user-friendly manner. Pulse 220 uses a variety of different approaches to carry out the card: to showcase studies and their team. I also like the layout of the card as it is a necessity (for me) to provide a minimum quantity of information about what I choose to press. Card templates, such as Pulse 220, give you general details on what you are interested in continuing to read (e.g., case study themes and the role that an individual plays within the firm).

  1. publishthis

The right picture goes far and wide. With a shuttle in the middle, the full visual width of the sky is eye capture. This image drew me in as I scrolled through a sea of thumbnails. The design and imagery of the webpage work well by giving the background picture hierarchy in order to draw the viewer's attention. Additional pages follow similar lines, including the pricing pages, on which a picture of a woman walking a dirt road can be seen again, the design and appeal of the space shuttle image.

  1. Grammarly

Now, for many reasons that I have mentioned, we love the website of Grammar (long view, functional minimalism, or animation). But the key explanation for that is the use of flat architecture. The design is not only flat, but it fills the entire screen. On your web, your laptop uses a flat design that helps mobile devices with time and responsiveness.

Naturally, a website design that works for one organization may not work for you. Make sure you create a website that is consistent with your company goals, products, services, brand identity, and above all, the audience and their unique needs. Place yourself in the shoes of your customers, and you will build a website they use again and again.

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