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    Product Description


    003-0708/002-0709 is a synchronized dual lens USB camera module, with 1/2,7” CMOS AR0230 & RX2719 sensor, the max resolution is 1920*1080P @30fps. Wide dynamic rage could reach 96db. Binocular dual lens camera can obtain depth range data without identifying the target, but the single lens camera must identifying the target first, that’s why the dual lens cameras being used widely on some industrial like face recognition, intelligent traffic etc. Smaller error, and more accurate.


    There are 2 DSP/CHIP and 2 USB cables, each chip controls its own sensor, so the 2 sensors work separately, you can choose to use AR0230 sensor only, or you can choose to use RX2719 sensor only, or you can use them at the same time; What's more, you can choose their resolution & frame rate as you want.


    Hampo Dual Lens Camera Module Features:

    Synchronized dual lens camera module:

    2MP camera module utilizing the disparity between the two lenses through algorithms, allow MACHINE to see the world as we do. Passive stereo vision designed for environment versatility and featuring long-range capabilities and high-resolution depth outline 80*16mm for embedded application


    Full HD 1080P Resolution:

    The camera module adopt two 1/ WDR color sensor. The max frame rate 1920*1080@ 30fps, full HD image.


    WDR & Wide Angle Range Lens:

    The camera’s wide dynamic range up to 96db, and the wide angle range is FOV D=95°


    Best Universal Compatibility:

    Dual lens camera module support USB OTG,plug&play. USB camera is versatile for Skype, OBS, Zoom, Go To Meeting, Facebook LIVE, and YouTube Live streaming services etc. Widely works with Win XP/Vista/Windows 7/8,Windows 10 Linux with UVC.


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  • Night Vision Camera Module
  • Ir-Cut Night Vision Camera Module


    003-0606 is another type of day&night USB camera module support IR-Cut, for face recognition. Based on 1/ sensor, it's a 2MP, UVC compliant, 4pins USB connetor web camera . The motorized (switchable) IR-CUT filter and infrared LED can be triggered by the photo resistor according to the light environment to be ON/OFF to block or pass the infrared light


    Key Features of Hampo Night Vision Camera Module

    Day/Night Vision: IR-CUT filter is a mechanical and motor drive component inside of camera. Camera built-in IR-CUT filter can provide true day/night video surveillance. It can provide day mode and night mode switching automatically. In night mode, the inside filter will remove, hence allowing unnatural lights (ie.,Infrared) enter into image sensor to enhance low illumination performance. In day mode, the inside filter will be inserted between lens and image sensor to filter unnatural lights enter into image sensor, therefore to provide true color reproduction crisp images.


    High Frame Rates: 1920*1080P @30fps, perfect for face recognition etc. application.


    WDR: The wide dynamic range  is applied for viewing the image smoothly under the condition of severe light contrast, the WDR for this camera module up to 96DB.


    Plug&Play: UVC-compliant, just connect the camera to PC computer, laptop, Android device with the USB cable without extra drivers to be installed. No longer be anxious about installing the driver! The native UVC drivers of Windows, Linux and Mac shall be compatible with this camera so that it does not require extra drivers to be installed.


    Ir-Cut Night Vision Camera Module Applications:

    - Security monitoring

    - Home video surveillance system

    - Day&night vision security camera system

    - Underground parking

    - Face recognition

    - Access control system etc.

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  • Global Shutter Camera Module
  • Key Features of Ultra Wide Angle Global Shutter Camera Module

    Global Shutter: Shoot high-speed moving objects in crisp sharp images. Avoid the rolling artifacts to get a much more accurate complete picture than the rolling shutter global shutter sensor’s excellent low-light sensitivity and 850nm IR pass filter make it shot crisp sharp and accurate complete black and white images even for the high-speed moving objects.




    1280x800@60fps; 1280x720@60fps; 800x600@60fps; 640x480@60fps; 640x360@60fps; 352x288@60fps; 320x240@60fps; 176x144@60fps; 160x120@60fps;


    640x360@30fps; 352x288@30fps; 320x240@30fps; 176x144@30fps; 160x120@30fps;


    Ultra Wide Angle Range: The camera adpot a ultra wide angle range with FOV D=185° of lens.


    Plug&Play: UVC-compliant, just connect the camera to PC computer, laptop, Android device or Raspberry Pi with the USB cable without extra drivers to be installed. No longer be anxious about installing the driver! The native UVC drivers of Windows, Linux and Mac shall be compatible with this camera so that it does not require extra drivers to be installed.


    Hampo Global Shutter Camera Module Applications: The sensor's excellent low-light sensitivity and the low distortion lens with an 850nm pass filter allow it to perform better in any application that needs gesture and eye tracking, iris and physiognomy recognition, depth and motion detection, and lunar and planetary imaging.


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  • Low Illumination Camera
  • OEM Camera Module Description


    1080P Hisilicon USB Camera is on the based of high quality CMOS Sony IMX307 sensor, showing good low illumination with IMX307. Hisilicon Web Camera adopt a lens in 113degree wide angle. This USB camera board module has a high frame rate at 60fps, support security cam video output.



    Super SONY IMX307 Sensor: The camera board USB 1080P adopt CMOS high sensitivity 1/" Sony IMX307 Image Sensor which deliver HD picture and video capture with real and true color same as original, keep the purity and high color saturation of images. with high frame rate 60fps;1280x720@ 60fps;640x480@ 60fps.


    High Compression with Microphone: USB camera board with high quality digital microphone. Camera module with advanced encoding compresses a digital video file so that it only occupies one-twentieth the space of MPEG to deliver the same quality video. Enjoy stunning HD video with impressive video performance and faster transmission speed.


    Excellent Low Illumination Effect Camera: The low light USB camera board with Min. illumination about , available to work under weak light conditions and catch sharp clear image and accurate color in dark places, a good choice for security camera.


    Wide Application: USB camera board with mini size (38mm*38mm) makes it a great embedded camera board for muilt-applications like data collection,project video capture, HD surveillance,environmental monitoring, video conference etc.


    Plug and Play & UVC: Free drive 2 megapixel USB board module with cable, easy to set up, just plug & play, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/8/10, Linux or OS with UVC, Mac and Android systems, also support OTG.

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  • 720P Miniature Camera Module for Endoscope 720P Camera Module     
  • Camera Module Suppliers


    Endoscope Camera Module Description

    003-0853 is a kinds of mini USB camera module, the delicate and small shape with 1MP HD(1280*720P@30fps) of resolution, show an excellent function on laptop, endoscope etc. Using 1/9” OV9734 Cmos sensor with FOV  84°of Lens. Compatible with Widows 10, Android etc.


    720P Camera Module Features:

    1. Mini size with 1/9” sensor, narrow, thin shape, nice for laptop, endoscope;
    2. 720P HD Resolution: Based on 1/9” OV9734 CMOS sensor, the max resolution 1280*720P at 30fps.
    3. 3D Noise Reduction: This camera module has a 3D noise reduction function.




    Sensor: OV9734

    Sensor Size: 1/9”

    Resolution: 1280*720P

    Output: MJPC/YUY2

    Frame Rate: 30fps

    Wide Dynamic Range: 34DB



    FOV: D=84°


    Construction: 3P

    Mount: M3*



    Power Supply: DC

    Working Current: MAX 300mA



    Operating Temp.: -30°C~+60°C

    Dimension: 75*


    Applications of 720P Camera Module:



    Laptop etc.


    China Camera Module manufacturer & supplier, this product is Endoscope Mini Camera Module with Mini size with 1/9” sensor, narrow, thin shape, nice for laptop, endoscope; 720P HD Resolution; 3D Noise Reduction, and supports OEM&ODM.

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