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  • Public Relations in Turkey
  • We offer a range of public relations services in Turkey for foreign companies, organisations and individuals to expand their market and brand awareness. We support our foreign clients with efficient local campaigns of public relations in Turkey to increase awareness of their products and services.

    Our public relations services include: Branding and Brand Management, Reputation Management, Media Relations, Consumer Relations, Event Planning and Management, Product and Service Launches, Publicity, Corporate Visual Identity, Investor Relations and Financial Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Affairs, Sponsorship and Community Relations.

    Please contact us for further information on our PR services in Turkey.

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  • Translators in Turkey
  • We offer professional Turkish translator and interpreter services in Turkey for international companies, organisations and business individuals.

    We provide translation and interpreting services focusing in business and industry, events and exhibitions, education, public relations, advertising, medical, maritime, legal, export and import, mobile and internet and other related industries. We handle document translations in more than 30 languages and we offer simultaneous interpretation services in all the major languages.

    Please contact us for your needs of Turkish translators and interpreters in Turkey.

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  • Business Services in Turkey
  • We provide a comprehensive range of business support and consulting services to international companies and business individuals to meet their requirements from Turkey for trade and industry.

    We focus on personalized solutions to support the businesses of our international customers in the Turkish market. Our business services include : Busines Promotion, Agency Representation, Consulting, Advertising and Public Relations, Market Research, Export and Import Assistance, Factory and Product Inspection Services, Shipping and Transport Advisory, Contact Center Services, Corporate Event and Conference Services.

    Please contact us for your requirements of business services from Turkey.

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  • Export Services in Turkey
  • We provide a wide range of export assistance services in Turkey for foreign exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors and traders to assist them in their sales and purchase transactions in the Turkish marketplace. Our services assist our foreign customers to plan, implement, select, develop, promote and sustain their export business initiatives in Turkey.

    Our services include : Export Compliance, Export and Import Order Processing, Warehousing and Distribution, Agency Representation Services for Importers and Exporters, Product Testing and Sampling Services, Vendor Factory Site Inspection and Product Inspection Services, Customs Brokerage, Logistics and Transport, Marketing and Advertising for Exporters at Trade Shows and Exhibitions, Market and Product Research Services, Business Travel Arrangements and Location Visits for Exporters and Importers.

    Please contact us for your enquiries and requirements of products or services from Turkey.

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  • Catering in Turkey
  • We offer the complete range of catering services in Turkey for events of international companies and event planners. Our catering services are offered for corporate events, trade shows and exhibitions, wedding events, roadshow events, sports events, concerts, galas, yacht and marine events and other specific events.

    We also provide our clients with rental catering equipment and materials and catering service staff for any type of events and occasions in Turkey.

    Our catering service locations in Turkey are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bursa and Bodrum.

    Please contact us for your catering requirements in Turkey.

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  • Exhibition Services in Turkey
  • We offer a full range of exhibition and trade show services in Turkey for international exhibitor companies and event organisations. The services we provide include the following : Exhibition set up and stand construction services, booth furniture and flooring, lighting and audio visual services, exhibition graphics and printing, exhibition and event stagehands, booth staffing and interpreters, exhibition and trade show catering services,  logistics and transport of exhibitions.

    We also have tradeshow exhibiting and attending services for foreign exhibitors and business visitors who want to promote their products and services in the Turkey-based international exhibitions, trade fairs and similar events.

    Please contact us for your needs of exhibition and trade show services in Turkey.

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  • Coffee Services in Turkey
  • We offer a variety of coffee services in Turkey for international event organisers, corporates and specific business individuals. We offer our coffee services tailored to the needs of our clients during their events and special occasions in Turkey

    With the different types of coffee drinks such as gourmet coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino and mocha, we offer a personal service for each of our clients to make their events and occasions a success. We also supply our clients with expert baristas, espresso coffee machines, rental coffee stands bars and coffee service carts during their events in Turkey.

    Please contact us for your requirements of coffee service in Turkey.

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  • Event Rental Services in Turkey
  • For international event organisers and event planners, we offer event rental solutions in Turkey, consisting of furniture, equipment and accessories. Our event rental services include : Furniture and seating hire, audio visual and staging equipment, rental of exhibition and congress stands and display showcases, tent and marquee hire for parties weddings and specific events, catering equipment, tableware, glassware and beverage equipment hire.

    We also provide international event organisers with event staff and stagehand services for their events in Turkey

    For more information about our services, please contact us.

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  • Virtual Reality Rental Services in Turkey
  • We provide services of virtual reality equipment rentals in Turkey for event activations of international event organisers and event management agencies. Our VR rental services cover a wide variety of VR equipment and related materials such as VR headset goggles, VR cameras, VR ready PCs and Laptops, and other VR-related accessories and hardware. We also provide service technicians to install, set up and adjust VR equipment at venues and event spaces in Turkey.

    Please contact us for more information about our VR services in Turkey.

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  • Industrial Equipment Rentals in Turkey
  • We supply a wide range of industrial tools and equipment for hire in Turkey for construction, engineering, repair and maintenance projects of international contractors and engineering companies. Our services range from rental equipment and tools supply services to advisory and consulting services for any projects of contractors and construction companies. We offer our industrial rental equipment solutions for the following sectors : construction, marine, landscaping, waste removal, transport and material handling and events management.

    Please contact us for more information on our rental services of industrial equipment and tools.

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  • Interpreters in Turkey
  • We provide complete event interpeting services in Turkey for international companies and organizations participating in Turkey-based exhibitions, conferences, business meetings, corporate events, trade shows, social and cultural summits, fashion events and sporting events. We offer our event interpreting services in all major language pairs.

    We also act as interpreting service provider by offering event interpreting on-site equipment and support services (interpeting booths, headset systems, sound systems and visual systems with A/V technicians) to foreign event planners at conference, congress and exhibition venues, for their event interpreting projects in Turkey.

    For further information on our intepreting services, please contact us.

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  • Conference Services in Turkey
  • We offer a wide range of event services in Turkey for international congresses conferences conventions workshops seminars and corporate events. With our creative and professional solutions, we assist international event organisers to carry out their conferences and conventions successfully in Turkey. Our services include : event venue selection and booking, rentals of event audiovisuals, IT support, technical support services for virtual and hybrid meetings and events, provision of interpretation and translation services, provision of temporary event staff, printing of event promotional materials, construction of event booths and stands, event logistics and transport services.

    Please contact us for further information on our services related to international conferences and events in Turkey

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  • Tourism Promotion Services in Turkey
  • We offer promotional services in Turkey for international tourism-related companies, organizations, associations, foundations and societies to promote their country-specific tourism services and products, destinations, holiday locations and tourist attractions.

    Our tourism promotion services include : promotional campaigns for travel destinations hotels and resorts, tourism related public relations and media services, advertising and promotion of water tourism cruise tourism sailing yachting windsurfing diving and water sports, event representation and participation services for tourism and travel tradeshows exhibitions congresses and conferences.

    Please contact us for more information on our tourism promotion services in Turkey.

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  • Branding Services in Turkey
  • We offer a range of branding services in Turkey for brand awareness and promotion needs of international companies and organisations. Our branding services include : brand identity design, brand marketing and promotion, product launch activities, door to door promotions, retail branding, experiential marketing campaigns, field promotional campanies, shopper marketing, corporate stationery and promotional materials, printing of brochures and leaflets, digital marketing campaigns, promotional event and exhibition stands, indoor and outdoor advertising for brands.

    Please contact us for more information on our branding services in Turkey.

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  • Printing Services in Turkey
  • We offer a wide range of printing services in Turkey for brochures, booklets, flyers, leflets, rollup banners, posters, flags, badges, invitation cards, promotional stationery and other printed items. With our digital and offset printing options in Turkey, we offer quality print solutions for requirements of our international customers. We are also providers of event print services and products for conferences, congresses, seminars, exhibitions and trade shows in Turkey.

    Please contact us to discuss your printing needs in Turkey.

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