Powers Equipment Company

Powers Equipment Company

Company Profile

Business Type Manufacturer
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1935
Company Location Warminster, Pennsylvania (United States)
Number of Employees 20
Company Revenue USD 1 Lakh
Company Details

Powers Equipment Company manufactures standard and customized beverage coolers, floral coolers, milk coolers and scientific coolers to meet the needs of researchers, business owners, schools, etc.
Powers Equipment Company is family owned and operated, offering the highest quality refrigerated equipment since 1935. Produced in Bucks County, PA, we are committed to building sturdy, reliable commercial refrigerators at a reasonable price. We make standard and customized refrigerated coolers according to our clients’ needs, and deliver them in a timely manner. Our staff stays on top of technological developments so that our refrigerated equipment consistently performs to the highest standards in the industry. We use components in our equipment with names people trust, such as Anthony glass doors and Tecumseh and Danfoss condensing units. Our full line of floral coolers, beverage coolers, scientific coolers, and other commercial refrigerators are guaranteed to fit your needs.

Beverage Coolers: Controls the temperature of all beverage varieties
Floral Coolers: Make your floral arrangements’ shelf life last
Scientific Coolers: climate controlled chambers designed for the researcher
Milk Coolers: Great for schools, hospitals, churches, or the workplace
Custom Coolers: Have a cooler custom built to meet your needs

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