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  •  Hydraulic Elevator Dam
  • Hydraulic elevator dam, researched and developed by BIC, is an innovative achievement in water conservancy science and technology. It is the optimized combination of hydraulic "three-hinge-point luffing mechanism principe" and traditional sluice.

    Hydraulic cylinders support at the back of the panel to lift up the gate for blocking water or to drop down the gate in the case of flood discharging. It is applicable to various hydrological and geological conditions; it is widely used in river landscape, storage of irrigation water, expension of reservoir capacity and other water conservancy hydropower, water ecological civilization and urbanization construction projects. This technology has obtained series of patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office of and has been listed in 2014 Catalogue of Key Promotion and Guiding for Advanced Water Conservancy Practical Technologies.

    Product Specifications

    Gate material: RCC/Steel/Stainless steel

    Gate type: Arc type/ plate type/shaped type(customized)

    Gate height (H):

    Width of single span:The standard width can be 6m, 7m or 8m; it also can be made to order.

    Hoisting structures: Plunger type cylinder/double-acting cylinder multi-stage cylinder.

    Control system: Manual control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, computer local cabinet, computer remote control.

    Synchronous dam elevating and lowering, automatic alarm function and dam lowering in case of exceeding water level. Design superiority.

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  • Rubber Dam
  • Rubber dam is a new type of hydraulic structure compared with steel sluice gate, and made of high-strength fabric adhering with rubber, which forms a rubber bag anchoring on basement floor of dam. Filling water or air into the dam bag, rubber dam is used for water retention.

    River Course Rubber Dam can be divided into inflatable rubber dam and water filling rubber dam according to the filling and drainage methods. The filling and discharging time of the water filling rubber dam is longer than that of the inflatable rubber dam. In terms of cost, the two dam types are similar.

    The rubber dam empty water or air from the dam bag, it is used for flood release. The best quality river course rubber dam has gained high reputation for many advantages compared to conventional weirs, such as low cost, simple hydraulic structure, short construction time, perfect seismic performance and effect of stopping leading, and low resistance to water flow in flood season.


    Rubber Dams have wide prospect in the world since they can be used especially for agriculture irrigation, pisciculture, hydropower generation for power station, flood control and water impound, city landscape environmental improvement and recreation purpose. Rubber Dams are not known to have other than beneficial impact on environment and ecology.

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  • Simplified Elevated Dam
  • Simplified Elevated Dam(SED) constructed by BIC is a new type dam which uses manual hydraulic pump or diesel engine to control panels up and down for water retaining and discharging. SED is particularly applicable for no electricity area and sea coast. Don't need power transformers and power cables.

    Specification of Simplified Elevated Dam

    Retaining height: 1~4m

    Width of channel: 3~50m

    Panel material: Steel, Stainless steel

    Foundation: Reinforced concrete foundation

    Lift and Drop Time: 1~10min/span

    Application of BIC Simplified Elevated Dam

    Spillway, irrigation channel, landscape

    No electricity area

    No power transformer, no power cables

    Sea coast

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  • Melting& Deicing Device
  • BIC has developed a new type of Melting & Deicing device (MDD). MDD is installed horizontally between and 1m below the water surface, using high-performance air-entraining technology to form micro-nano aerated water flow, pushing the bottom water body and surface water body to move forward quickly.

    Melting & Deicing device from BIC exchanges heat with the stratum water body and disturbs the water body in front of the sluice, so that the water body cannot form an ice core. Even in the severe cold winter, it will not form an ice layer, which effectively solves the frozen problem before the sluice. For the detaield melting and deicing solution, welcome to contact us!

    The structure of the device mainly includes high performance motor, integral stainless steel submersible anti-ice erosion shell, conveying cylinder, air storage chamber, bleed tube, impeller, water delivery bucket, bracket, cover net and other components. At the same time, MDD is equipped with a propeller blade, which stirs with water while the equipment sucks in the air, so that the water is quickly spread.

    The high-performance motor quickly mixes the compressed air in the air intake pipe and air storage chamber with the water body. Finally, the high-speed rotating impeller produces strong axial thrust and radial stirring, which crushes the compressed air in the water body to form tiny particles. Nano bubbles are oriented horizontally and pushed out into the water body through the conveying cylinder. The flow of micro-nano bubbles impacts, stirs, and pushes the water flow out to fan-shaped radiation. The accelerated bubbles diffuse and mix into the body water, making the water molecules less likely to condense in cold temperatures.

    Project Advantages

    Wide Ice Breaking Range

    Each device can control water surface width of more than 20m, so that no ice cover is formed within the river length of nearly 5m. The powerful water flow can push the water flow to push the air bearing water body beyond 30m.

    MDD extracts relatively high temperature water in the middle and lower part of the river, which increases the temperature of the surface water. By pumping gas, the existence of ice nuclei in the water body can be effectively reduced, so that freeze in the water can be avoided as much as possible. Studies have shown that piping hot milk freezes before cold milk. This effect called the Mpemba effect. The reason for the Mpemba effect is that the hot milk contains less air. At the same time, the horizontal jet generated by MDD makes the surface water body strongly turbulent, which can reduce the formation of ice blossoms.

    Compact Structure, High Inflation Rate, Fast Ice Melting Rate

    When MDD is running in the water, it can not only increase the dissolved oxygen to the greatest extent, but also push the water flow to fully exchange the bottom water and the surface water and expand the exchange water body forward. In the process of the water exchange, the micro-nano bubbles produced by device stay in the water for a long time and are constantly disturbed in the water. MDD can suck in air at a rate of up to 22,500 cubic meters per hour, which ensures an efficient inflation rate and ice melting rate.

    Safe and Reliable, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, No Secondary Pollution To The Water Body

    Since the air contains 21% oxygen, plus a large number of anions and cations generated when micro-nano bubbles burst in the water body, MDD can make the water body clear in a short period of time. So as to achieve the function of water purification. MDD combines the pressure water jet method and the compressing air blowing method at the technical level, which increases the equipment efficiency and reduces the energy consumption. Generally, the power of a piece of equipment is below 3kW.

    Simple Construction, Convenient Operation And Maintenance

    The installation of MDD is convenient and concise, requiring only 5 installation workers with high water quality and 1 high-voltage electrician, and 1 manned vessel. In order to prevent large-scale collisions in the water from damaging the equipment, it is only necessary to remove the equipment for maintenance during the flood season and put it back in place after the flood season. In the case of not involving flood control during the flood season, the equipment can always be placed underwater. Daily maintenance only needs to check whether the cable is damaged, whether the motor grille is deformed, and whether the motor is running normally. Later operation and maintenance is convenient, saving money and effort.

    Wide Range of Applications

    In winter of high latitudes, rivers, channels will freeze, forming water ice, floating ice and ice caps. Ice conditions often change continuously with changes in temperature, the changing of ice conditions will significantly change the movement of water currents. If it is not properly controlled, it may cause some hydraulic structures, such as gates, steel dams, rubber dams, etc. To be damaged by ice erosion.

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  • Melting& Deicing Device
  • The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is one of the latest innovations developed by the Beijing IWHR Corporation(BIC). This product is divided into two series for sewage treatment and the water purification purpose. The plant size varies to accommodate differences in water processing volume and container size.

    Container Water Treatment Process

    Using braided belt type biological packing to lift removal rate in sewage treatment; Imported polyvinylidene fluoride membrane material, material has better strength as well as the stability.

    BIC containerized water treatment plant assimilates the system integration of sewage treatment plant and steel structure processing equipment, which owning itself advantages and characteristics:

    Relying on the container housing appearance, can meet the sea Shipment requirements, the transportation is extremely convenient;

    Easy installation, users only need to pass in and out water pipes could be directly connected with the equipment normal operation;

    The operation is simple, the equipment according to edit well in advance conditions, the control of automatic operation, can also according tothe needs of the users, manual control;

    Flexible operation, the equipment could adapt to the changing capacity of water ;

    Less investment, low operation cost, small footprint; Using the design principles of intensive, the system Configuration is more reasonable;

    System maintenance is very convenient and only personnel on a regular basis Patrol, mechanical and electrical equipment preventive maintenance;

    Process control system is very simple, reduced running the labor intensity of operation, sewage treatment system is safe and reliable.

    Advanced technology installed in our mobile water treatment plant, strictly tested and manufactured according to environmental and quality policy.

    One-stop service for setup and commission of water treatment system, which saves clients' labor,time and money.

    Designed for small and large scale of wastewater treatment and water purification, including industry or remote communities without municipal sewage system.


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