Coyo (Foshan) Intelligent Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Product

  • Precision Aluminum Products
  • We specialize in designing and manufacturing aluminum products all over the world. We are experts at manufacturing custom manifolds, medical device assemblies and optical vision lens assemblies based on our customers' unique needs.




    Our team offers a wide range of aluminum products and services to deliver outstanding results for all your engineering and manufacturing projects, Coyo is known in China for exceptional customer satisfaction.


    Design and drafting

    Our highly trained and experienced professionals provide custom, low maintenance and sustainable architectural design and drafting services for commercial projects.


    Engineering service

    Our skilled team provides expert engineering services to ensure the success of your commercial or industrial project.


    Fabrication workshop drawing preparation

    Our experienced and talented team of draftsmen and modelers can easily bring your designs to life with advanced visualization and modeling before production begins.


    project management

    Successfully coordinating projects requires excellent leadership, oversight, and extensive experience. From overseeing projects to ensuring each step is executed correctly, our project managers will help you complete projects efficiently and effectively.


    Custom Design and Manufacturing

    We are committed to understanding your unique needs. We promise to deliver authentic products and services with humility. We offer the largest variety of custom-designed, competitively priced aluminum products to meet every customer's needs.

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  • Aluminum Manifolds
  • Aluminum pneumatic manifolds are convenient connection points for dispensing media in a variety of fluid handling applications. Quickly create an organized way to supply multiple lines from a single source by screwing pneumatic fittings into ports. Our standard aluminum manifold products can easily meet the piping and installation requirements of your pneumatic control system.


    Advantages of COYO Aluminum Manifolds

    Stations max up to 10 valves


    Anodizing with great resistant to corrosion


    Clear inlet and outlet, without rag


    Each one with individual package

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  • Aluminum Manifold Block
  • Standard or custom designs


    Attractive prices directly from the integrated block manufacturer


    Available materials: aluminum


    What you need to know before designing a manifold block

    Block thicknessThe block


    The initial thickness of the block is set at 5 times the maximum diameter of the valve port, and then gradually reduced according to specific requirements.


    Drill oil holes Deep, slant holes


    The process hole should be as small as possible, considering the high flow chamber first and then the pilot chamber.


    Wall thickness of each hole


    The safety wall thickness between oil chambers should not be less than 3~5mm, and should consider the deflection of the drill bit within the allowed range.


    Oil chamber


    The flow rate of hydraulic oil in the oil chamber should not be higher than 12m/s, and the return chamber should be 20-40% larger than the inlet chamber.


    Hydraulic manifold applications.

    Various hydraulic systems and hydraulic equipment - Mobile applications - Mechanical and engineering applications - Factory automation and machining


    Hydraulic manifolds for many industrial sectors:.

    Mining machinery - Forestry machinery - Construction machinery - Quarrying machinery - Mining machinery - Agricultural machinery - Waste and recycling equipment - Material handling industry and many more industries.

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  • Aluminum tube profile series
  • The extrusion process shapes aluminum by heating the billet and forcing it through the forming openings in the die, producing up to 5 kilometers of extruded product from a single billet. After exiting the extrusion process, the tube is shaped to the same shape as the die opening and then coiled. Depending on the product specifications, coatings such as zinc and solder can be applied to enhance the tube's performance.


    Extruded tubes are manufactured with high precision and very low tolerances to meet specific customer requirements.




    Extruded aluminum tube applications



    Transportation industry


    Marine industry


    Solar and Renewable Energy


    Building and construction (commercial and residential)


    Military and Defense


    Electrical bus conductors


    Compressed Gas Storage

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  • Aluminum Extrusion Accessories
  • We offer a wide variety of Aluminum Extrusion Accessories to fit almost any project: standard and custom. Our engineers will be happy to work with you to provide a solution that meets your unique needs.


    Advantages of Extruded Aluminum

    Simple T-slot design


    Linear adjustability of X, Y and Z axes


    Lightweight and easy to use


    Centerline in standard fractional or metric sizes


    Stocked in 240" lengths


    No welding or painting required


    High strength


    Corrosion resistant


    90% reusable


    Anodized finish


    Flexibility to change or add designs at any time

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