Shenyang Getai Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Business Type Manufacturer
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Establishment Year 2006
Company Location Shenyang, Liaoning (China)
Number of Employees 120
Company Revenue USD 10 Million
Company Details

SHENYANG GETAI HYDROPOWER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a leading hydroturbine manufacturer in China, with advanced techniques. It is established in 1992, aiming to supply integral solution for new and old hydropower plants.

Its main products include quality hydroturbine and relevant accessories, including Pelton turbine runner, Francis turbine runner, Kaplan turbine runner, distributor, guide vane, blade, nozzle pipe, spiral case, conical pipe, elbow pipe, etc. for hydroturbine and rotor, stator, high-level oil tank, lubrication oil station, thrust bearing, excitation device and governor for hydrogenerator.

Our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, and forms professional teams in R&D, design and manufacturing. In 2015, we found an overseas R&D center in Canada. By the use of CFD analysis, we are able to provide the clients with customized design plan to optimize the generation capacity of the power station. Turbine core components are manufactured by the FEA technology.

We are able to provide both the cast and forged CNC-machining products to customers. Castings are manufactured using AOD, VOD ultra-low carbon refined molten steel, and the service life is extended on the basis of ensuring the safe use of the product. We have dozens of high precision lathe, including φ8m, φ6.3m, φ2.5m, M4000H2, GMB2540, TK6920, TK6516, TK6513 and multi-axis CNC boring and milling machining centers.

We made the first integrally-forged CNC-machining Pelton turbine runner in China in 2009, and the first integrally-forged CNC-machining Francis turbine runner in China in 2017.

Now our products are popular in more than 30 provinces in China and 20 countries all over the world, including the USA and Canada in North America; Japan, India, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Laos, Nepal in Asia; Serbia, Slovenia in Europe; Peru, Chile, Brazil in South America; Congo Kinshasa in Africa; Australia, Papua New Guinea in Oceania.

We advocate green production, people-oriented, and honest management. On the basis of several years of turbine manufacturing experience and excellent technology with continuous upgrading, GETAI will offer the best products and service to each customer.

In the quality conception of "Taking Technology Firstly, Quality Premier, Sincerity Utmost, and Sustaining Improvement", Shenyang Getai will constantly provide first-class quality products and services, create a warm, sincere, cooperative and enterprising win-win atmosphere. We sincerely invite customers and friends from all sectors of society to visit our company for cooperation and common development!

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