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Company Product

  • Office Chair
  • Comfortable latex office chair, slide rail armrest + reinforced crossbar design, adjust your sitting position reasonably, relieve fatigue, 145° large angle reclining, more relaxation during busyness, thickened steel pipe + high elastic sponge filling footrest, comfortable Convenience, feel the happiness in life



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product Code: LG00100
    Name: comfortable latex office chair
    Finishing material: PU leather
    Chair foot material: steel
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support

    Exquisite craftsmanship and comfort
    Upgrade latex, upgrade massage
    Ergonomic Design
    Skin-friendly fabric, wide armrests
    Strong load-bearing bow frame
    Healthy and environmentally friendly latex filling, strong resilience, soft ups and downs, conforming to body contours
    Moderately soft and hard, soft and elastic, good air permeability, healthy and environmentally friendly
    Slide rail movement track, horizontal stretching and balanced force
    Sufficient material, long life and strong support
    Sponge soft bag gently supports the arm
    Three-point fixation is more stable and does not shake
    Reinforced crossbars are firmly upgraded
    Thick material combined with one-piece reinforced bow frame structure makes the chair more stable and durable
    Large-angle reclining, segmented independent buffer, layered to relieve back pressure, comfortable support
    Anti-slope cushion design increases the contact area between the buttocks and the cushion, and is comfortable and does not press the legs

    Why choose us:
    1. More than 10 years experience in foreign trade furniture export
    2. Modern standard workshops and a group of excellent management talents
    3. A service network integrating R&D, production, transportation and after-sales

    Q1. business type?

    A manufacturer based in Hebei, China.

    Q2. What is your minimum order quantity?

     There is no minimum quantity for stock items; for OEM items, please contact to discuss further.

    Q3. Can I take a sample?

    Of course. Free stock samples are available; custom design fees are very low. After placing the order, the sample fee is fully refundable. Please contact us.


    You Wood is a professional Furniture Builder with more than 20 years of production and sales experience, a well-known brand in China, with a production base of 50,000 square meters and more than 600 employees, more than 20 design patents, reliable quality and favorable price.


    If you would like to customize your furniture, please click here to contact us.


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  • Dining Table and Chair Set
  • Italian minimalist slate dining table, high hardness, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, zero penetration, free to use, retractable design, easy to operate, save space, can switch between square and round tables at will, thick material with anti-slip bottom Ottomans, every meal I eat is a steady happiness.



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product Code: LG00097
    Name: Dining table and chair set
    Style: simple and modern
    Main material: marble slate
    Shape: rectangle round
    Whether to customize: yes
    Additional features: retractable, foldable, square and round
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Packaging cartons
    1.2m dining table length 120 width 76 height 76cm
    1.35m dining table length 135 width 85 height 76cm
    1.5m dining table length 150 width 90 height 76cm


    You Wood Commercial Dining Table Sets Features:
    Hardness, sturdy, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant
    The countertop is rock-solid, and the knives directly touch the tabletop
    Will not leave scratches
    1280 degrees Celsius fire resistance and high temperature resistance
    Natural organic ingredients, stable performance
    Can be used with large temperature difference, durable
    Zero penetration and no dirt absorption
    Whether it's coffee oil stains or other stains
    Gently wipe brand new
    Natural and environmentally friendly materials that do not fade
    No harmful substances such as heavy metals, no fading,
    Not deformed, timeless
    High hardness, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, zero penetration
    Freely retractable and circular, easy to operate / save space
    hidden handle
    Simple operation, save space, square table becomes round table in seconds
    thickened and thick table legs
    Solid wood to create table legs, thick material, stable and load-bearing without shaking
    Titanium plated feet
    Anti-oxidation treatment, durable, with non-slip feet at the bottom for more stability.
    With set chair
    Ergonomic curves, environmentally friendly PU leather, thickened soft cushion


    Why choose us:
    1. Professional ergonomic design and years of research on furniture culture
    2. Using high-quality imported raw materials and carefully selected
    3. Unique design style, exquisite craftsmanship, sincere service

    Use and maintenance:
    Avoid moisture retention. If you accidentally spill water on the table during work, please wipe the water off with a dry cloth immediately to prevent water from remaining on the table and corroding the table. The rags for cleaning desks and chairs should be wiped with a clean rag that is not easy to remove hair, and wiped with water. The rag should be relatively soft, try not to wipe with too hard or too rough cloth or unclean cloth, which can effectively prevent the desktop from being scratched or secondary pollution. Be sure to clean your desk with a clean rag.
    Tables and chairs should be kept out of direct sunlight. Tables and chairs should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is best to place it in a place that can avoid light, or use a transparent screen cloth to isolate the direct sunlight, so as not to affect the indoor lighting, and maintain the table and chairs.
    Maintain table and chair brightness. Long-term use will tarnish the table and chairs. Two types of furniture care products are available, namely the current special furniture spray and cleaning and maintenance agent. Before using furniture spray wax and cleaning conditioner, shake it well, then hold the spray can directly, spray it on a dry cloth about 15 cm from the center, and wipe it again, it is very suitable for cleaning effect.


    We are pleased to deliver Commercial Furniture. Safe payment and on time deliver time will give you.

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  • school desks and chairs
  • Liftable school desks and chairs, 5-level adjustable height, accompany children to grow taller, high-quality craftsmanship, seamless welding, avoid scratches, invisible pen tray design, do not occupy space, prevent falling, table legs and chair legs are divided into golden ratio, guarantee table is stable



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product Code: LG00038
    Name: school desks and chairs
    Table top material: wood
    Leg Material: Metal
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support

    Features of You Wood Furniture:
    Scientific and environmental protection, liftable design
    Table height adjustable in 5 steps
    Chair height adjustable in 4 steps
    Seamless welding is smooth and burr-free
    High-quality craftsmanship, avoid scratching the child, take care of the child's safety
    Large drawer storage is more convenient
    Intimate desktop pen tray design, does not take up space, anti-drop, can store multiple pens
    Bag hooks free up more space
    Strong hook, easy to carry children's school bag, desk is more orderly
    High-quality abc anti-skid bearing more stable
    The table legs and chair legs are divided by the golden ratio to ensure that the table is stable, does not shake, and does not fall over
    Multi-color optional

    Why choose us?
    1. Better quality
    - Good workmanship (most of our pieces have years of experience with tables and chairs)
    - Six inspection steps to ensure every corner of quality
    2. Better packaging
    - 5 layers, 180 lb sturdy box
    - Use different packaging materials according to different parts
    - Protective packaging
    3. Reasonable price
    - We will offer the best price for different quality standards for different markets and different requirements.
    - Be aware that there are so many different prices for this model that it looks almost the same, but the interior and even exterior materials are actually different.
    4. Timely delivery
    - Usually 15-25 days, if there is any urgent order please let us know, we will arrange accordingly in advance.
    5. Services
    - Professional team to provide sales and after-sales service


    Buy low price, high quality Home Furniture. Welcome browse our website and contact us.

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  • High Bar Chair
  • Exquisite life must have a sense of ritual. The pursuit of texture is not a big feeling, but a warm experience of life. A bar dining chair, eating, reading, drinking, chatting, no matter what state you are in, as long as you sit down and you are very comfortable , a variety of colors, suitable for a variety of scenarios, to meet different needs



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product code: LG00030
    Name: High Bar Chair
    Main Material: Metal
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support


    1. Soft flannel fabric
    2. High-quality wrought iron
    3. High density rebound sponge
    4. Titanium Gold Paint
    5. Curved seat back, comfortable sitting feeling
    6. Soft seat bag, not tired after sitting for a long time
    7. Select high-quality materials, breathable and wear-resistant, pay attention to every detail


    Why choose us?
    1. Quality Control
    Quality first. We take quality control very seriously from start to finish:
    1). All raw materials we use are environmentally friendly;
    2). Skilled workers handle every detail of the production and packaging process;
    3). The quality control department is specially responsible for the quality inspection of each process.
    2. Production
    With more than 40 sets of equipment and advanced raw meal production system, the production is stable and orderly.
    3. Reasonable price
    Probably not the cheapest, but should be the best value for money.
    4. Extensive expertise
    Leverage our plastics expertise to help you refine your designs and reduce costs.
    5. Excellent service
    We work closely with our customers, follow up in a timely manner, and keep our promises.


    Our Service-You Wood Furniture
    - Samples are available.
    - Sturdy cardboard box, all chairs are protected with plastic film, all tables are protected with foam.
    -You can customize size for some of our products
    Our goal is to pursue the highest level of quality in all of our products.
    This focus starts with our use of top-of-the-line production equipment, through our tightly controlled manufacturing process to our finished product handling and packaging.
    Every step of our processing is rigorously tested and closely monitored to ensure our products meet demanding national and international quality control standards.
    Operating within such standards allows us to present you with the highest quality products.


    Are you choosing a reliable Chinese Furniture Manufacturer? Choose us! You Wood has been focusing on furniture manufacturing for 20 years, with a production base of 50,000 square meters and more than 600 employees. It is a well-known enterprise in the Chinese industry.


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  • Bedside Lockers
  • Multiple storage design, to meet daily storage habits, thickened solid wood grain veneer, delicate texture, good visual effect, rounded corner design, soft and warm, heightened cabinet legs, beautiful appearance, stable load-bearing, giving you a good Orderly and tidy living environment, make life more loving


    You Wood Bedside Lockers DESCRIPTION

    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product code: LG00075
    Name: locker
    Style: simple and modern
    Main material: artificial board
    Material Type: Particleboard / Melamine Board
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support

    Thick plate + stable structure
    Four core advantages
    Multiple storage, large table, strong bearing capacity, carefully selected plates
    Multiple storage design
    Meet the daily storage habits, orderly and tidy living environment
    Spacious work surface, more convenient storage
    Large and flat table design, you can place green plants, books and other daily necessities at will
    Drawer for private storage, often read books, snacks before bed can be placed, private and dustproof
    Natural solid wood veneer, beautiful visual effect
    Thickened solid wood grain veneer can reduce the phenomenon of log color difference and scab, fine texture and better visual effect
    Not easy to deform, good stability
    Thick MDF, retains wood particles
    Drawer and cabinet door panel rounded corner design, soft and warm
    Elevated cabinet legs, beautiful appearance, stable load-bearing, not easy to shake
    Intimate double-layer storage, release the pressure of single-layer storage, storage upgrade, and place scattered objects at will

    Our Service
    Can provide you with samples.
    You can customize the color and style of the product
    Our goal is to pursue high-quality products.
    This confidence begins with the top-of-the-line production equipment we use to produce our products through a strictly controlled manufacturing process.
    Every step of the processing is rigorously tested and closely monitored to ensure our products meet national and international quality control standards.
    and provide you with the highest quality products within these standards.


    Are you looking for Bedside Lockers at great prices? click here! Multiple storage design, multiple colors can be customized, factory price, cheap discount, is your best choice!


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  • Sofa Bed
  • Extremely simple sofa bed, comfortable and elastic, soft and thick, sedentary for a long time without collapse, three-speed adjustable design, sofa-bed can be switched at will, you can adjust it, the test meets EU environmental protection standards, breathable cotton and linen, antibacterial and disease prevention, for for your health



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product Code: LG00043
    Name: sofa bed
    Style: simple and modern
    Upholstery fabric: flannel
    Sofa Bed Finish Material: Polyester
    Sofa bed frame material: wood
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support

    High quality cotton, sofa convertible bed, comfortable and elastic
    Environmental protection solid wood frame, environmental protection and no peculiar smell
    Reinforced load-bearing, three-speed adjustable
    High-strength elastic sponge-filled seat bag, soft and thick, it will not collapse after sitting for a long time
    Comply with EU environmental standards
    According to the strict formaldehyde emission control standards of the EU, the formaldehyde emission of the main material meets the relevant standards of EU countries
    Multi-color optional
    Multiple choices of materials
    High-density sponge, high resilience, easy to disperse pressure, giving you a leisurely and comfortable sitting feeling
    Solid wood frame, solid structure, safe to use
    Breathable cotton and linen, breathable antibacterial, anti-disease, environmentally friendly, healthy and skin-friendly, more comfortable to sit


    We are a professional manufacturer that produces Outdoor Furniture, and etc.If you would like to customize your outdoor furniture, please click here to contact us.


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  • Coffee Table/Coffee Machine
  • Italian-style light luxury slate coffee table, the slate is made of natural materials and fired at high pressure and high temperature. It not only inherits the hardness of granite, but also abandons the heaviness of marble. The texture of the slate is natural and clear, and the countertop is flat and spacious. Combined with modern technology, the color is beautiful. , unique beauty



    Brand: Excellent wood furniture
    Product Code: LG00074
    Name: Coffee Table/Coffee Machine
    Style: simple and modern
    Main material: artificial board
    Material Type: MDF/Fibreboard
    Whether to customize: yes
    Table top shape: round
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China

    You Wood Living Room Furniture Features:
    Slate stone table top, thickened plate cabinet
    Large capacity silent rail drawer, carbon steel metal shelf
    Slate stone table top, the texture is natural and clear, the table top is flat and spacious
    Comfortable placement, high hardness, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance
    Slate not only has the hardness of granite, but also has the thickness of marble
    The drawer is made of E1 grade environmental protection board, which is durable after repeated grinding
    Pull the storage drawer to increase the storage space, and the silent sliding rail makes no noise
    Solid wood drawers can be pulled out smoothly and have strong storage capacity
    Practical metal track, smooth pulling, more durable
    Soft and smooth high-quality leather processing, delicate and flexible
    The countertops of the coffee table are all designed in a circular shape to prevent daily bumps
    Carbon steel coffee table legs are made of high-quality carbon steel, with good corrosion resistance, strong gloss, and no rust.

    Use and maintenance:
    1. It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag, and use a fine-haired brush to remove the dust in the depressions or embossed patterns. Avoid using solvents such as alcohol, gasoline, etc. to wipe the stain. You can use colorless furniture polishing wax, apply thinly, and dry with a cotton cloth to reduce dust and enhance luster.
    2. There are occasional slight scratches on the surface of the coffee table, and the paint film falls off. It can be repaired with a crayon according to the color of the furniture, followed by a thin layer of colorless clear nail polish. It can also be restored with the same paint as the original coffee table. If the furniture is not wiped in time after dripping, it will leave water marks after drying. The water marks can be covered with a slightly thick damp cloth and then lightly pressed with a heated electric iron to remove the water marks.
    3. If the ground of the coffee table is uneven, do not use wooden or iron feet. Even if the cushions are flat, the internal structure of the coffee table will suffer over time due to unbalanced forces. The solution is to transform the ground, or use a larger area of ​​rigid plastic to achieve the purpose of laying the coffee table flat on four feet.
    4. The coffee table should avoid getting wet. Indoor humidity should be kept within the normal range. When using a humidifier, it should only be used during dry seasons when humidity is low, but it should be kept away from coffee table sprays. Moisture will cause wood to rot, metal fittings will rust, glued parts will be easy to open, chrome-plated originals will delaminate, etc.
    5. When placing a coffee table in the living room, it is best to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. If the coffee table is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will turn yellow, the paint will fade, the metal fittings will oxidize and deteriorate, and the material will become brittle.


    You Wood Furniture Manufacturing has specialized in manufacturing Baby Furniture China for more than 20 years, and has obtained more than 20 national design patents. It has a complete range of products, reliable quality and guaranteed safety.

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  • Rocking Chair
  • Fully-wrapped lazy rocking chair, gentle fit to the body curve, scientific support, golden ergonomic inclination angle, say goodbye to the discomfort of the back hanging in the air, sled-type anti-dumping design, enjoy the holiday atmosphere to the fullest, and get a little relief from the busy.



    Brand: You Wood Furniture
    Product code: LG00092
    Name: Rocking Chair
    Style: simple and modern
    Whether to support customization: support
    Material: artificial leather, sponge
    Packing: carton packing
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China


    Rocking Chair Features:
    Carbon steel chassis, full doll cotton, three-proof technical cloth
    Fully removable and washable, breathable and not stuffy, sled swing
    Scientific support, comfortably fit the curve of the human body, bid farewell to the discomfort of the waist hanging in the air
    The golden ergonomic inclination angle gives the body just the right amount of comfort
    Sled-type anti-dumping design, improved sled principle, 15° forward and 30° backward, stable rocking, durable
    Drop-in sitting feeling, triple-A doll cotton filling
    Soft and high elasticity, long-lasting resilience
    Bold carbon steel frame, plus solid wood base, strong load-bearing performance, anti-rust and anti-oxidation
    Good stability, no fall or rollover
    Italian imported technical fabrics
    The seventh-generation microfiber skin is skin-friendly and delicate, and can be bent for 200,000 times at room temperature without cracks.
    Delicate and soft touch, comfortable and skin-friendly
    "Three-proof" process, waterproof, dust-proof, wrinkle-proof, dirt-resistant, easy to care for, durable
    Removable and washable design
    The soft bag is fixed with Velcro to prevent the soft bag from moving
    The soft bag/base is designed to be easily removable and washable
    The soft case is removable and washable, the soft case base is detachable, and the base is removable and washable
    Antioxidant spray paint
    Anti-rust and anti-oxidation, 10 years bright as new, the surface is treated with black spray paint, and passed the high gravity compression test
    Three fabrics are available
    Comfortable and versatile
    Dirt-resistant technical cloth, delicate and soft, waterproof and stain-resistant, wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant


    You Wood Rocking Chair Use and maintenance:
    1. Pay attention to shading. UV rays from balconies can make rocking chairs brittle and discolored.
    2. Avoid getting wet. Rocking chairs may become deformed after getting wet in the fall and cannot be returned to their original shape.
    3. Keep ventilation. The rocking chair will absorb a certain amount of moisture during use. However, if it absorbs too much moisture, it becomes soft and loosely structured.
    4. Avoid close to fire and heat sources. Prolonged proximity to a heat source may cause the chair to crack and deform, affecting its service life.

    1. About size: Due to different measurement methods and production batches, there may be a little error, the specific size is subject to the actual product
    2. About chromatic aberration: The product pictures are all actual pictures, but due to factors such as shooting technology, light, display parameters, etc., the received actual color may be different from the photos, please refer to the actual product
    3. About after-sales: Youmu Furniture has a professional after-sales team. If you encounter problems when receiving the goods or during installation and use, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with thoughtful service guidance

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  • Shoe Cabinet
  • Italian-style light luxury ultra-thin shoe cabinet, with low-key light luxury, revealing the style of life, extraordinary artistic taste, focusing on the elegance and craftsmanship of style, specially designed for narrow halls, does not take up space, fashionable and easy to use, experience change Convenience and order at the shoes.



    Brand: You Wood Furniture
    Product code: LG00090
    Name: shoe cabinet
    Style: simple and modern
    Main material: artificial board
    Material Type: MDF/Fibreboard
    Door opening and closing method: tipping bucket
    Packaging cartons
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Whether to support customization: support


    Features of You Wood Shoe Cabinet:
    Environmentally friendly uv bright plate, metal handle, tipping bucket storage, heightened metal cabinet legs
    Light luxury gold plated alloy strip, skirting design
    Tipping bucket design with adjustable shelves for open storage
    Ultra-thin design, effectively saving space, specially designed for narrow halls, does not take up space, fashionable and easy to use
    Double-layer design of tipping bucket
    Experience the convenience and orderliness of changing shoes, and the design of the tipping bucket to achieve more accurate space utilization
    Laminates can be freely installed
    Environmentally friendly and healthy uv bright sheet
    Thickened environmental protection board, the texture is clear and natural, the material is hard and delicate
    Thickened plate, stable performance, healthy, environmentally friendly and easy to clean
    Reserved skirting design, stable and not easy to shake
    Beautiful, practical and stable
    Large storage table, easy to place and take
    Electroplated metal table base, simple and beautiful shape, high-strength alloy foot load-bearing
    Rounded corner design, caring for family members


    Q1: How to guarantee our quality and quantity?
    1. 100% inspection before packaging;
    2. On-site inspection before shipment;
    Q2: What are your payment terms?
    Normal payment terms are 30% TT deposit and 70% deposit for copy of B/L after order is signed. We also accept sight letters of credit/trade guarantees from Alibaba.
    Q3: What are the relevant keywords?
    outdoor table, metal table, folding table, dining table, camping table, wooden table, adjustable table, picnic table, folding table, small table, barbecue table, portable table, picnic table wood, wooden table, camping wooden table, camping folding table , folding table wooden, folding table, folding picnic table, folding table and chairs, beach table, aluminum alloy folding table, folding table and chair aluminum alloy, table and chair set, small folding table, table and chair set, camping folding table, folding picnic table , folding table with chairs, outdoor table and chair set, aluminum table, portable camping table and camping table set


    Packaging and Shipping:
    Five-layer carton packaging to ensure the product is in good condition


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  • Dining Chair
  • High-end private custom dining chair, the use of artificial microfiber leather and latex layer gives you a superior sitting feeling, the copper chair foot cover is simple and elegant, and the imported beech wood is hard and durable. After years of baptism, the dining chair is still as bright as new.


    Brand: Youmu Furniture
    Product Code: LG00099
    Name: Light luxury dining chair
    Packing: carton, bubble bag
    Whether it is removable and washable: not removable and washable
    Fabric: Faux Microfiber Leather
    Whether to support customization: yes
    Wood material: beech
    Style: modern light luxury
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China


    Dining Chair Features:
    Faux Microfiber Leather
    Latex layer & sponge
    solid wood chair legs
    Metal copper sleeve
    Double-layer seat cushion with excellent sitting feeling
    Soft and comfortable latex layer
    High resilience sponge layer will not deform for a long time
    The latex content reaches the national standard
    Effectively buffer the pressure of the human body, has a strong affinity
    FAS grade solid wood, durable and not easy to deform
    The chair legs are fixed with double nuts, and the super-strong load-bearing capacity is 300 catties!
    High-quality curves and delicate texture, elegant and deep, close to nature
    The high-density sponge has good high resilience, the seat cushion is full and evenly pressurized, not easy to collapse, high-speed rebound is not easy to deform, and it is durable
    The double-car stitching process is beautiful and generous, and it is durable.
    The red beech wood imported from Germany is hard, the log is reddish, the texture is dotted, the density is high, it is not easy to crack, and it is durable.
    Double-layer cushion design, high resilience sponge & latex layer
    The cushion is soft and comfortable, full of elasticity, not easy to deform

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